Chaing Mai to Koh Chang

Getting from Chaing Mai to Koh Chang

Once I had my heart set on a visiting Koh Chang, that was that, there is very little changing my mind. I only wish I had researched how to get there first.

Unless you want to spend a lot on flights you don’t really have much choice but to embark up on a hell of a journey.  I like to travel, as in I like to visit different places but the thought of getting there always fills me with dread, and 19hrs spent across various modes of transport and sitting in various bus depot’s is about as bad as is gets in my view.

But I had made my mind up and decided on my new adventure. I tried to do as much research as possible on getting there, but for all the internet’s graces, it was seriously lacking on advice for this trip. I did find a 1 really good guide written by But this only served to prove my fears correct this was going to be a mammoth of a journey.

The journey would consist of heading back to Bangkok, this would seem like a perfect place to break the journey, but I could not justify the extra cost of another few days in Bangkok. 2000thb for a hotel used to seem like nothing, but after this amount of time here it seems really expensive, after all it is nearly two months rent for what I have become accustomed too.

So this is the journey I undertook, if you want it broken down into times and costs then click here and check out the more descriptive view.

Bus to Bangkok – 10hrs

Bus to Trat – 6hrs

Trat to ferry – 45mins

Ferry to Koh Chang – 45 mins

Taxi to hotel (sat in back of pick up ) – 30 mins

A total of 18hrs moving plus stoppage times meant I had been on the move for nearly 24hrs in total, and spent 1,300thb. My body was also aching from sitting in uncomfortable seats for so long, starting to feel my age a little here. This island had better be worth it.


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