Koh Chang to Pattaya

Koh Chang to Pattaya

After nearly 6 weeks on the lazy, sleepy Island of Koh Chang and having done very little for quite a while now, I decided I needed something more for a bit. Pattaya has always been on my list as a party destination for obvious reasons. As well as its nightlife, Pattaya also has loads to do in the day, such as attractions, shopping and such.

Getting from the Bus from Koh Chang to Pattaya was a lot easier task than Chiang Mai to Koh Chang.  The total journey would only be around 5hrs this time, and would consist of the ferry back to Trat, followed by a scheduled bus up to Pattaya. No need to go via Bangkok.  The bus was not as comfortable as the ones from Chiang Mai to Bangkok, and every seat was taken. Which meant it was slightly over crowded, but as the journey is only 4hrs this was no big deal to me anymore.

Bus Koh Chang to Pattaya

The buses are quite regular and are always busy. So pre book your ticket via an agent on Koh Chang or through your resort or hotel. Tickets are 400thb which is about $12us. Private taxis can also be booked for those feeling a little more flush with the cash, make sure you fix the price with your driver first.

Now after a fair amount of time in Thailand enjoying the slower pace of life and quieter time, arriving in Pattaya would surely be a shock to the system? This is quite a big resort and boasts around 5,000,000 visitors a year, and is home to 500,000 permanent Thai and expat residents.

Again I haven’t pre arranged any accommodation for my arrival. But the folk at the place I was staying at told me there are hundreds of guest houses and places for 350-400thb a night which is great value for a large city like this.

With no set destination to jump out of the minibus I ended up at the North bus station on Pattaya Klang (Pattaya’s north road) form here I shared a baht bus for 10thb down to second road.  Luckily we arrived after dusk and the temperature was that bad, as I had to wander around with bag in tow looking for a room.  From my research I had decided that the Soi Buakhao area was my best bet, and it is only located just behind second road, which is very central and easy to explore the city from.

I found a great little open air bar with rooms above, the rooms were quite basic, a double bed, a TV (with Thai cable), and a fan. But it was perfect place for me to base myself whilst exploring.


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