My trip to Thailand

My Trip of a lifetime to Thailand

Most people I know, finish high school then head to University or college. Slave away and party hard for 3/4 years get their qualifications and then can’t be bothered with the whole career thing just yet. Instead they decide to take a few years off. Off from what i’m not really sure, I mean up until now all they have done is drink their way through higher education and scrape a mediocre grade.

It is during this year they head off, backpack in tow and go in search of themselves, again not sure why? If you are looking for yourself  then head to the bathroom and look in the mirror. It is during this time, more commonly known as the gap year that many people have the best vacations they will ever have.

As you can probably tell by my sentiment up until now, this was not my choice. No I left school at the earliest opportunity, went into the merchant navy and got paid to travel instead. After ten years working my way around the world I decided enough was enough and I needed to settle down. Get myself a family and a permanent base.

This all went according to plan, and I set up my own business, met a girl and bought a house. For ten horrid years years i lived the life most people call normal. Well to me it wasn’t normal, it was a slow and arduous torture. I hated it and it showed, I became very withdrawn, unable to to communicate with people. Hated the life in busy city. I quickly became depressed, lost my friends, upset my family and with no great surprise my girlfriend left me.

So now in my mid thirties what was I too do? Well I will tell you what! Pack up, Sell up and piss off traveling to find myself? Something I never really thought I would ever do. But hey it seems to be that when i am travelling I am happy, maybe i’m a drifter at heart.

So after selling my house, selling my business (at a small loss), and selling pretty much everything else I owned. I upped off to South East Asia, namely Thailand as this seemed to be where I could make my money last the longest, and my trip the best.

So I decided on this blog to document my trips to various Thai towns and cities, maybe some of you will do the same, maybe some won’t. Probably most of you will just think i’m mad. You know what I don’t really care, I am finally happy travelling again.

5 Practical Tips For Traveling In Thailand

There are a lot of reasons why Thailand is one of the most visited countries in Asia. Millions of tourists from all over the world flock there every year. The country has a lot to offer which include ruins of ancient civilizations, natural wonders like beaches, and of course the country is well-known for its party scene. If you are visiting the place for the first time, there are certain things that you need to keep in mind. For instance, you have to always remember that the culture there is very different. To ensure that your trip to the country will be memorable, we highly recommend that you read and follow the tips for traveling in Thailand discussed below.

Thailand Travel Tips

1) Do your research before you fly there. You have to familiarize yourself with the dos and don’ts for tourists. In this connected world, almost everything that you need to know about the country and its people are available online. In fact, there are several websites run by the Thai government that specifically cater to tourists who are planning to visit the country. Browsing through these helpful websites will help you prepare for what you will see or experience when you get there.

2) Book your accommodations in advance. This is something that a lot of travelers take for granted. They often make the assumption that it would be easy to find a place to stay when they arrive in the country. This is not the case at all especially if you are landing in the capital city of Bangkok. It’s best that you book your accommodations in advance to ensure that you will have a place to sleep when you land. Most hotels in the country’s urban areas accept online bookings so there are no reasons why you should not book in advance.

3) Get a guide. Most people in Thailand especially those living in far-flung areas don’t speak nor understand English. You will find yourself lost and confused if you don’t get an English-speaking travel guide. Finding a guide is not that difficult. In fact, you can get one online and have him or her meet you at the airport during your arrival.

4) Learn the most common words and phrases in the Thai language. Of the tips for traveling in Thailand that are discussed here, this is a very important one. You can’t rely on your travel guide to do all the speaking for you. Besides, it’s more fun and memorable if you would be able to interact with the locals. That said, you should learn how to say phrases like “thank you” and “how much” in Thai. You will be surprised by how much interest you’ll generate from the Thai people if you attempt to talk to them in their very own language.

5) Respect the culture and local traditions. Many tourists in the country have experienced their fair share of troubles due to things they have done that are considered disrespectful. For instance, you have to be always respectful when dealing or interacting with monks. It’s best that you regularly consult with your assigned travel to make sure that you aren’t breaking any local tradition or custom.

These tips for traveling in Thailand aren’t that difficult to follow. Always keep them in mind to make your Thailand trip more enjoyable and memorable.