Pattaya Party and shopping

Pattaya Party, shopping and fun

As I have said after such a long time of chilling and doing pretty much nothing, I was starting to feel an itch to get out and do something fun and active. As I was in Koh Chang the nearest place other than Bangkok (which I had already been to) was Pattaya.

Now Pattaya is a strange town, before arriving in Thailand I had a preconception of a giant sprawling red light zone, full of seedy old men and young Thai hookers. But once I had done some proper research online and speaking to folk who had been there, my thoughts on the place changed alot.

For sure the sleazy side of the town still exists and there are plenty of retired western gents parading around with young Thai women. But the town also strangely has a lot of mainstream tourism to boot.  There seems to be loads of organised tours of Korean and Chinese holiday makers everywhere you look.

This I found out has been a big focus for the town’s authorities in recent years, and they are desperate to get away from the sex trade and turn Pattaya into one of Asia’s premier tourist destinations.

My base just off Soi Buakhao was the perfect location to explore the town; from here I can walk to second road and beach road which are the main shopping in Pattaya. These roads are also packed with tour shops all competing to sell me tours at the cheapest price. This is a great guide to Pattaya shopping

pattaya shopping guide

Up until now I have stayed away from organised tours, and shopping whilst here in Thailand, but I had decided on this 2 week break being more like a traditional holiday. So I spent a few of the first few days speaking to tour agents looking for the best things for me to do here.

I know this is going to blow my budget, but what the heck.

I also spent a few days on the beach which if I’m being honest is not great, and by far worse than any of the beaches on Koh Chang. It is rather dirty and very over crowded, and full of really annoying locals trying to sell you all sorts of random stuff. I have never been offered so much Viagra, fake cigarettes and BB guns in my life. Although judging by the fact half the visitors here are after some sleazy fun I reckon they must do a roaring trade in Viagra.

I had always wanted to Bungee Jump but never got round to it, so one of the first tours I did here was that. The bungee here claims to be the highest in Thailand, so if I’m going to do it why not do the biggest. This was quite expensive at 1600thb, but this is a lot cheaper than most countries. Plus it is run by English people which made feel a little more comfortable with the whole idea.

I also went on the ferry across to coral island for the day, this cost a mere 35thb each way. I will write a separate post on that later I think.

I also went to the tropical gardens (I forget the Thai name), the sanctuary of truth which was awesome, and to a lady boy cabaret show. I highly recommend the lady boy show it was great fun, and very tongue in cheek. Looking at the ladies I can see why some slightly inebriated folk get confused in the nightclubs here, they are very convincing).

tiffany show party pattaya

As well as shopping and doing a few tours, I was also craving some night fun. I am quite a party animal at heart. Pattaya as mentioned has a big reputation for the seedy nightlife, but also for the mainstream party goer as well. Walking street is where the main crowds head, and here there are loads of clubs, live music venues and bars as well as the biggest concentration of sex workers possible.

Soi Buahkao also boasts a lot of bars and a few Go Go’s as well, this isn’t as busy as walking street, but plenty of action for me, which is great as I am staying just around the corner. Drink prices are very reasonable, especially if you stick to Thai beers and Thai whiskey. There is so much competition for custom that some bars sell a bottle of beer for only 40thb. I was here out of the main season so I think that maybe why prices were so low? Not sure.


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