Most will argue that a trip like this shouldn’t involve too much pre-planning. The best part of it is finding your way as you go and speaking to locals and other travelers to find the best place to visit.

But that is just not my scene, I can’t even get through the day without some sort of planning first. I like to have at least a rough idea of what lies ahead.

No matter what side you lie, it is at least prudent to do some sort of research first, you may not have to plan every last detail, but at least have some sort of understanding of what your in for.

The level of my research lies somewhere in the middle, I did a fair amount of research but stopped just sort of making fixed plans. Back in the day planning would have consisted of visiting the book store and a library, getting as many books as you could and painstakingly reading through them, cross referencing and making notes. Nowadays however it is so much easier, the internet and google have changed everything. All you need to do is type a query into a search box, and hey presto you have thousands of pages all dedicated to the very subject.

Below are some of the web sites I found useful for some initial planning, the list is in no particular order, and is not exhaustive. There are some sites here I used a lot, some I used only once and no doubt there are some resources out there I have forgotten to include (Sorry). You will find your own sites, use some of the below and some of you will even end up writing bigger and better sites for the future traveler.

There are more im sure, some where used for my initial planning, and some sites I used en route wherever I found some free WiFi. If there are sites you feel should be here then include them in your own blog.