Time to leave Thailand

Leaving Thailand

Back to Blighty

Well It is nearly nine months since I left the cold, wet and grey shores I called home. Yes this has been one of the longest periods of time I have spent in a single country other than my home England, but all good things have to come to an end as they say.

My recent and final place here in Thailand, Pattaya has financially drained me. It is easy to get carried away with the partying, the girls and the whole atmosphere of the place. I’m not broke don’t get me wrong, but I have plans for what money I have left. Namely putting it to work on some sort of internet venture and setting up recurring income streams, the kind that don’t require me to be tied to one particular place, and will allow me the freedom to head off whenever it takes my fancy.

During my time here in Thailand I have met many people, but the ones that interested me the most were those that ¬†appeared to live here or move like a nomad with no fixed end dates. They all seemed to have a near endless amount of money lying around to help support this lifestyle of theirs. I wanted my slice of this, so I befriended as many of this type of acquaintance as I could. My aim was to learn as much as possible about how they achieved this? To me this wasn’t possible until I saw it with my own eyes. But it appears the internet has changed the whole economic landscape forever.

I had met people who worked freelance for large US and European companies, but had never set foot inside one of their offices, I met others that ran successful online shops back in their home countries, all from laptop here in paradise, and others just seemed to have the fabled auto-income system setup. But by and large most of them just ran websites and made money from advertising and affiliate sales.

The website idea seemed the easiest to start out, after all I have a fairly decent knowledge on several subjects, so my money in the bank will go towards, learning and setting up this of venture. I will need to do some work when I’m home to live of, which will allow for maximum investment in the new plan.

The aim, well that’s pretty simple, get the site or sites up and running and then market them to a point where they have enough organic search engine traffic, that they will generate a monthly income check. then when I have the steady income, I will then look to invest in more stable and more online income streams. Eventually I will generate enough to live on and travel on freely.

Now I am not a dreamer, I know my severe lack of expertise in this field will hamper my speed of success. But I have always been the kind of person who can adapt quickly, and can learn new things with relative ease. So I don’t see lack of experience as a make or break problem. Merely it will slow me down a little.

The flight back to the UK, all 12 hrs of  it was sent on planning the layout for the first site, and the niche I would target. I certainly was aiming big and going for a travel blog or tech blog etc. I decided for the first site a smaller more specialist niche would be perfect, this would result in less online competition whilst I tried out my ideas.

Landing back home was a shock to the system, imagine living for 9 months in shorts, flip flops and t-shirts and then landed in Manchester mid December? For those that haven’t been to Manchester, it was minus 2c, wet and pitch black outside. God this plan had better work of mine I was already missing Thailand and its weather before I got on the train home. I am not looking forward to several years back here.

However it will be good to see some friends and family again.


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